We use cookies

To ensure that wasdstore.nl works well and you can shop as easily as possible, we use cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies collect information needed for the proper functioning of a website. Cookies from wasdstore.nl are safe. They can not collect personal information and are safe for your PC, laptop, phone or tablet. More information about privacy at wasdstore can be found here.

What kind of cookies are there?

Cookies ensure that:

1. You can stay logged in and shop undisturbed;
2. Items in your shopping cart are retained;
3. You can shop safely;
4. You can read and write your reviews and watch videos;
5. The website is fast;
6. Errors and discomfort on the website are detected;
7. Improvements can be tested;
8. Personal advice is possible based on previously purchased and / or viewed articles;
9. Your products can share through social media like Facebook and Google.
10.Advertisers and advertisers enabled parties can measure how often an ad is displayed or clicked on an ad. In addition, they can measure or place orders at a later date through the advertiser’s website.

How long will cookies be stored?

Most cookies from wasdstore.nl disappear when you close the browser. Some cookies stay for a few days to several years. You can delete them from your browser at any time.

Removing cookies

Cookies can always be deleted by your browser settings or be disabled. Explanation about customizing the cookie settings can be found under Help in most browsers.

Note: Most websites do not work optimally if you turn off cookies.